DECEMBER 2023 - JUNE 2024

Adega Cooperativa da Lourinhã

The history of the Adega Cooperativa da Lourinhã (‘Cooperative Winery of Lourinhã’) begins in 1957, a date that signalled its foundation as a producer of white and red wine. Later, already a pioneer in the production of light wine, it decided to venture into the production of brandies, far from imagining how much distinction the brand it was creating would achieve.

It is through the charter given by D. Jordão, with the authorisation of King D. Afonso Henriques, that Lourinhã's ancient connection to wine production first becomes apparent, with the Lourinhã brandy being born during the troubled times of the French Invasions. 
It was for the merit of its production that, in 1992, the Demarcated Region of Quality Wine Spirit with the Lourinhã Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC) was established, recognised as the first and only demarcated region in the country solely for the production of spirits. In Europe, it is on a par with the famous Armagnac and Cognac brandies.

Because we can't ignore those who put their hands to work, we took a tour of the winery, guided by our knowledgeable host, Nádia Santos. We travelled through its nooks and crannies, always accompanied by intense smells to which the senses are unable to remain indifferent. The visit to the cellars is the highlight. We learn all about the production process of the brandy, the ageing methods, and how to taste this nectar.

Production is small and respects tradition, from production methods to manual labelling. Book your visit and don't miss the chance to give a personal touch to your own bottle, marking with your own hands this experience as a unique memory.

Av. Moçambique 
2530-111 Lourinhã
(+351) 261 422 107 / (+351) 934 119 814
Guided tours by appointment