The Historic Route perspective.

Everything is worthwhile
If the soul is not small.

Short notes on the people, companies and institutions that make up the daily life of the Lines of Torres Vedras and help promote the region.

We give the floor to personalities with something to say in areas of relevance to the region of the Historic Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras.

What those who work for the benefit of the region and its historical heritage do and how they do it.

Where to eat well in the Lines of Torres Vedras, with an emphasis on establishments that maintain a living relationship with their historical heritage.

It would be impossible to forget wines and viticulture in a region so rich in production, diversity and know-how.

From the magazine's motto, "Change your destiny where we changed Napoleon's", suggestions for getting to know the Lines of Torres Vedras region better, from where to eat to where to sleep, including historic, recreational and cultural highlights.

What's happening in the Lines of Torres Vedras region, with a focus on the Historic Route initiatives.

We give you excellent extra reasons to visit the region, in addition to the 152 forts and strongholds that make up the defensive system of the Lines of Torres Vedras.

So you always know where you can best stay in the Lines of Torres Vedras region.

Things we like to call our own and would like to share with you.

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Because we can't
stop looking.
Because we can't
sit still.
Because we can't
keep our mouths shut.
Because we can't
hide anything from you.