Carvalha Fort, Arruda dos Vinhos, Portugal


Published since October 2019, in bilingual Portuguese/English format, by the Historic Route of the Lines of Torres Vedras, a private law association founded by the six municipalities crossed by the defensive system of the Lines of Torres Vedras, INVADE magazine is distributed free of charge at the Lines of Torres Vedras Interpretation Centres and Tourist Offices in the region, as well as at Lisbon Tourism's Ask Me offices. It is also sent by post, free of charge, to a growing list of subscribers.

As well as publicising the tangible and intangible heritage inherited from the Peninsular War and the Napoleonic Invasions of Portugal, which inspire the magazine's name, INVADE's mission is to showcase the best that exists and is done in the region, while at the same time promoting its tourist development and the local population's knowledge of a unique historical past in the broader European context.


InvadeMAG is much more than the online version of INVADE magazine. As well as making available an archive of all the contents of the printed version, it offers functionalities that are only possible in digital form - some examples are: a blog, a podcast, image galleries, animations and video, and content in PDF format. Rather than competing with each other, INVADE magazine and the InvadeMAG portal complement each other: because it is not subject to the constraints of paper editions, InvadeMAG makes it possible to offer not only content that is not printed due to space limits, but also content that is natural to the new technologies, allowing a higher quality offer to the most varied age groups, in favour of the Lines of Torres Vedras region, the region’s tourism offer, and the promotion of its unique historical heritage.

The English version of InvadeMAG is not a simple translation of the Portuguese version. On the contrary, it has been curated and edited to add relevant information for non-Portuguese readers and to clarify texts and references that are difficult to understand for those who don't live in the country or have little knowledge of its culture.

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